Greek Tourism

Mykonos Island

The Cosmopolitan Mykonos Island

Sunny, luxurious, crazy nightlife, wonderful beaches, unique Cyclades Islands architecture the first things that come in your mind when you think of Mykonos Island.


5 Tips on What Food to Order in Greece

Because we work in the industry food and because, of course, we love food – we have had quite a big number of times to eat out in our Greek taverns. So, if you allow me, I’m going to try to gather some tips for all of you that come to eat in Greece during your vacations.


The Port of Katakolo

The port of Katakolo in the Ilia Greek district, is a famous stop for cruise ships, offering an opportunity for passangers to visit Ancient Olympia – the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Situated 11 km away from Pyrgos, the small Katakolo town is also home of the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology.


Metsovo – Wild beauty of The Pindos Mountains

Metsovo is situated in the left side of Pindos Mountains and it’s one of my best recommendations for accommodation on your way to the Ionian Islands of Zakynthos, Kefalonia,

Corfu and Lefkada if you come from the north of the country by car.